Social Media Marketing

You might already be tired of hearing about Social Media for your business. And hopefully, you didn’t find this page after too many hours of endless articles detailing ‘micro’ aspects of social properties, posting, and sharing. Many drown and give up before finding a life jacket…

Social Media Marketing goes beyond just keeping your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google Plus up-to-date and engaging. Because behind all the time-consuming, details-heavy efforts, 99% of business owners couldn’t even tell you why they’re doing it. Even if you haven’t yet been convinced of the health / ethics downsides of using such platforms, if they’re taking up even 1% of your attention during business hours, the value you’re bringing for customers / stakeholders / biz growth is compromised.

Your Lexus dealership doesn’t wash, wax, and buff the trade-ins that’ll never be on the lot. And you shouldn’t spend your precious time–or pay your hard-earned money–shining and buffing what no one’s ever gonna see. For a local business, the purpose of social media assets is bringing purchase-intent traffic, period. Traffic in the form of interested, real people–with buying intent–to your website.

Merchandy’s Social Media Marketing Specialties Include:

  • YouTube Optimization for Views, Followers, and Rankings
  • Google+ Integrations for Local Search
  • FaceBook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Other Platform Automation
  • Niche / Industry Specific Offerings

Strategic social media marketing is essential to any growing business. When it’s done wrong, there’s no strategy. Biz owners end up looking corny. They come off like they have nothing better to do than posting to social accounts. This turns prospective customers off of your brand because it’s perceived as ‘needy’ and ‘marketey.’

Done right, Social Media Marketing is strategic and purposeful. It enhances the impression that you are the authoritative, ‘best choice’ company in your space. Your available time and mental bandwidth go up. We are proud to relieve our clients of the focus / attention drain-sink that social management is for so many. Merchandy client-partners find themselves with newly-available energy / time to come up with and execute on creative, value- and growth-producing activities.